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Summer colours June 25, 2010

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These last days have been great! great designers releasing new stuff, great summer events, great hunts, great everything! I have got some favorite items these days, and I have adopted a colorful mood as well! Check out some of my favorite clothes for this summer ^^

The colors are my fascination by now, that’s why this super canvas garden top from Surf Co. has got all my attention at the Summer Festival at Tableau. I love the little flowers on the shoulder, very detailed ^^

This top comes in five summery colours, each one as tempting as the other. Enjoy this summer and the cute things it brings to us ♥

Another cool store has released a set of stunning leggings last week, these are the Wild Nights Leggings, they come with a set of cute glowy studs for the upper and lower leg, they come in three diferent styles for every color.

Tooons of colours for you to get, every color is only 75l and comes with the three styles of studs. But, I would advice you to get a fatpack since these leggings are very worthy, well priced and if you have all of them you can use the studs on diferent colors  to give more color to your outfit!

Tp to Surf Co. here.

Tp to Magic Nook here.

Other items displayed: Skin from Pink Fuel, Hair from Tiny bird, miniskirt from Berries Inc., sandals from Maitreya Gold, bangles from T&S and 1-800-BETTIE’S, headphones and sunglasses from booN.

Have fun shopping!

Love, Ari.


Summer Festival at Tableau! June 21, 2010

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Lets party!

This summer festival is just awesome! I got many items from there and I even got broken (yes, again) I will show you them tomorrow, but now… you go to the festival and see by yourself! they have many free and dollarbie items too. Great designers taking part as: Pig, lamb, Clawtooth, fd, surf couture… incredible ^^

Go now—>>>> here and have fun!

Love, Ari.


Ember… pure cuteness!

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Hello all!

Past week, all the members from Pink Fuel suscriber got the great notice about Mochi’s new skin release: Ember.

As eveyone knows, Pink Fuel is always a store full of cuteness and original creations, today I want to show you this fab-cute skin!

What I most love of this skin (and all the pink fuel skins) are the lips, they are so naturally colored, making them to look soft and kissable.

Other thing I adore about Ember is the soft bright under the eyes, it is not an overloaded makeup and it looks very youthful!

The makeup avaiable for each skin tone are just stunning, you can get a very sophisticated look and also show off with the tenderness and delicacy of a light makeup. This skin is a MUST have.

All these are Ember’s all makeups in Honey skintone, each makeup comes in several options, for the brows color and for the freckles.

Tp to Pink Fuel here.

Enjoy the cute things sl has to offer you!!

Love, Ari.


Laqroki: Julie! June 17, 2010

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Hello there!

Yesterday my sissy Elly was sooo generous with me and after listening my compliments about her new skin (something like: omg bitch!! you are so cute!!) decided to gift me a skin ^^ so we went to Laqroki. As everyone knows, laqroki skins has been well known by their great texturing, the diverse faces to find there and especially the great prices for their skins! you can grab a FATPACK for only 1990l, isn’t it great?

So, I tried tooons of demos (as is my especiallity) and finally keept only Elena and Julie demos. I didn’t know which one to get!! Elena has those yummy kissable lips and Julie has the ubercute frecks (freckles are always my weakness) soooo after almost 20 minutes trying all the makeups, I got…. yes you guessed… Julie!!! (don’t worry Elena, hopefully I will be back for you soon)

Okies, so here we go, Julie and I went to home so happy (after another 20 mins of saying thanks to my sissy of course ^^).

I just love this face, it’s so sweet and cute, the freckles are so soft and the lips has that shading in the right places, the makeups are so juvenile and fresh… perfect for summer!

They are 10 makeups, take a look of them (yes ALL of them, yay):

Julie in fair, makeup: 01- 02- 03

Julie in fair, makeup: 04- 05-06

Julie in fair, Makeup: 07- 08-10

And the closeup is for my favorite makeup! the nine!

So, after all, I’m gonna take my sissy’s words as a compliment ^^:

“Lol, we are real skin whores!”

Tp to Laqroki here.

Other items used: Hair from Truth, eyelashes from Exodi, lingerie from Pacadi Jasha, necklace from Shade Throne.

Thanks again to Elly for making this post possible! love ya sissy!

Take care and be good!

Love, Ari.


Nova, new at Lionskins! June 16, 2010

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Nova skin in dark -08 glossy lips.

Meet the beautiful Nova, which is the newest face avaiable at Lionskins.

Nova comes in four skin tones: Fair, pale, sun and dark. It has a great defined body, firm and well worked muscular structure. I like so much the part just above the breasts. And to call more attention to the strong stomach, Nova has got a piercing!

I loved the sweet look it has, so pretty and delicate face. What I like most of it are definitely the lips, especially the mate ones, they are very real and natural. Each makeup comes with two options for the lips: matte and glossy, so there for everyone.

Here is a look of all the skin tones in the group gift makeup:

Nova in the group gift makeup.

Lionskins has always been known by their innovative and diverse makeup, there are fifteen options makeup for every skin tone! Every makeup comes in 2 options for the lips and other 2 options for the head: with a great base (to use with Vanity hairs!) and without.

Here is a little sample of them:

Nova in pale-06, Nova in sun-13 and Nova in fair-10.

Notice that I never edit the pics when doing a review, (only the borders of course) so the skins are right as you see them. In most of the pictures I don’t use eyelashes to let you appreciate the makeup as it is.

Tp to Lionskins here, and don’t forget to join the group, it’s 250l to join but you get a sweet pink makeup (shown on the second and third pictures) in all the tones.

Items displayed:

Pic 1: Hair from lamb, eyelashes from Redgrave and jewelry from Muse

Pics 2 and 3: Lingerie from 5th&Oxford, hair from W&Y, jewelry from Zaara and shoes from Maitreya (with no eyelashes)

Pic 4 (from left to right): Hair from 69, jewelry from Muse, lashes from Redgrave. ♥ Hair from booN, earrings from Glow. ♥ Hair from Kookie, earrings from temptation (no eyelashes).

I hope you liked Nova! get a tp to the store and have fun trying some demos on 🙂

Love, Ari.


Veneno review June 12, 2010

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Hello there!

I always loved the Veneno stuff because it’s all original, well done and not expensive at all.

This time I’m gonna show you some of the new items they have at the store, if you never went there, you really should go! grab the group gift and fill your inventory (more) without emptying your pockets!

This is an outfit I have created using Veneno Gold Robot Leggings. They come also in platinium and are very fashionable.

Veneno has also shoes, skins, and all kind of clothes, this pretty summery dress is Secret Rose, the skirt is made by sculpted roses. I love it!

My favorite piece to buy at Veneno, is always a good pair of leggings. This store has tons! every one as cute as the other, I really love Stevenzuuh’s creativity.

These are Leopard Snake Print Leggings in all the colors.

From left to right: Seamless Snake Knit Leggings, Lace Vintage Leggings, Electric-Blue  Zipper Leggings, Black-Gold Leggings and Platinum Robot Leggings

Items displayed:

Pic 1: Skin from Exodi, hair from lamb!, dress from Emery, shirt from Aoharu, leggings from Veneno, shoes from Stiletto Moody, necklace from Jasha, bangles from booN, earrings from ETD.

Pic 2: Skin from YS&YS, hair from 69, shoes from Maitreya Gold, necklace from Chuculet (FREE in tons of colors here!)

Pic 3: Skin from Laqroki, hair from, shirt from Happy finds, Leggings from Veneno, Shoes from Ordinary (picks reward), necklace from Happy finds.

Pic 4: Skin from Laqroki, hair from, top and skirt from Twisted&Spoitled, leggings from Veneno and shoes from Redgrave.

Tp to Veneno here.

Have fun shopping!

Love, Ari.


Look of the day_ June 09, 2010 June 8, 2010

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The black and blue fair is running right now, it has great designers with exclusive items for the fair.

Today’s look was inspired by some items from there.

– – –

Skin: Sabrina from Tik Tok, avaiable at the Black and Blue fair.

Hair: (Posh) ; Vanity ; Caramel; at the fair.

Lashes: PIDIDDLE – Eyelashes

Eyes:  – bright – ice crystal, from Poetic colors.

– – –

Dress: *BOOM* Tamed Black and Blue Exclusive; also in the fair.

Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Fay (ColorSet)

– – –

Earrings: [glow] Studio ~~DeLyn~~ B&W earrings Black


Stockings: ~Blacklace~ Diva:  Black Sheer Stockings

Garter: Danielle Garter from Reasonable Desires.

– – –

Here as a look of the pretty skin from Tik Tok:

There are some freebies and cheaps at the fair, to see some pics of them click here!

Tp to the Black and Blue fair Here

Love, Ari.