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Happy 2011!! January 2, 2011

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Hi everyone!

I wish you all a 2011 filled with joy and success, I hope it’s a very good year for everyone, and it is possible to achieve goals and purposes, so let’s work hard at it!

I made a little gift for you girls, its a very cute shape, named Grecia, she has a lovely face and a curvy body. You can get it for 10l at my store. I hope you like it 🙂

By the way, my store is still at the same place than always, I closed it for a few months, but it’s back again with a new style and a new name, I named it: . Chocolate . this new store is more confortable than my other one, since I’m not filling the walls with shapes and stuff to sell, so you can come and chill out here while trying demos 🙂 All the shapes are new and they were made for the new skins I liked most in sl, also each vendor comes with the styling card to get the look I used for the vendor. Thank you for visiting!

Tp to my store . Chocolate . here

Happy new year!!!

Love, Arielle.


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