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Fanstastic designs April 4, 2011

Hello all, I just made the photos of some creations from the Fantasy faire 2011 Take a look!

These dresses are from Simply Fae wich is located at the Fantastical and Magical Sim, they are so cute and well done!

This cute neko ears and tail are from Ari’s neko retreat, she has many amazing stuff for neko in their store. The tail comes with a complete HUD.

These ears, eyes and skin are the item from Moonlight Obsessions. They also have other color-s eyes and more drow stuff. 😀



This is the wonderful item from Animations Rising, it comes with the star particles and will make you shine anywhere!


This skin is the gift from Sanu, Sanura also made star earrings, and a cute special for the fair, go get it!

I hope you can go shopping to the fair and support this cause.

These pics were made to show you how the stars from Animations rising shine in the darkness:


Here is your taxi!

Love, Ari.


Fantasy has no limits April 2, 2011

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Hello everyone 😀

The day has come and the Fantasy faire has started!

The fair is taking part in nine diferent themed sims.

So far I visited one: The Fantastical and magical sim. I really got amazed by the creativity and talent the builders have put in every single detail. I have no words to tell you how wonderful that sim is! I’m sure all the other sims have a wonderful look as well, I will surely visit them these days, but not sure if I’ll be able to take photos because of the high traffic I’m sure they will have.

I want to mention every builder that taked part of this project: Elicio Ember (Cerridwen’s Caldron), Mayah Parx (Epic Toy Factory), Alia Baroque (Fallen Gods), Piedras Chama & Nonna Hedges (Natural Fantasies), Numberofthebeast Angelus (Sculpting Notba), Marcus Inkpen & Sharni Azalee (The Looking Glass), Zander Greene & Lauren Thibaud (Thibaud Green Industries) and Sextan Shepherd (who will be bringing elements of his famous steampunk “Nemo submarine city” back just for the Fantasy Faire). You all made a wonderful work 🙂

Now, here some photos!







This is my little support to this cause, I hope you can make yours by donating or getting some goodies from the fair 🙂 I’ll be posting some designer’s items tomorrow.

They are also many Dj’s and entertainment events, check the list and schedule here.

You can also check the list of sims and creators at the official blog of the fair (I have it listed in my links) or you can just click here.

Tp to the Fantastical and magical Sim here.

Tp to the Fantasy fair central here.

See you there!

Love, Ari.