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Fanstastic designs April 4, 2011

Hello all, I just made the photos of some creations from the Fantasy faire 2011 Take a look!

These dresses are from Simply Fae wich is located at the Fantastical and Magical Sim, they are so cute and well done!

This cute neko ears and tail are from Ari’s neko retreat, she has many amazing stuff for neko in their store. The tail comes with a complete HUD.

These ears, eyes and skin are the item from Moonlight Obsessions. They also have other color-s eyes and more drow stuff. 😀



This is the wonderful item from Animations Rising, it comes with the star particles and will make you shine anywhere!


This skin is the gift from Sanu, Sanura also made star earrings, and a cute special for the fair, go get it!

I hope you can go shopping to the fair and support this cause.

These pics were made to show you how the stars from Animations rising shine in the darkness:


Here is your taxi!

Love, Ari.


Fantasy has no limits April 2, 2011

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Hello everyone 😀

The day has come and the Fantasy faire has started!

The fair is taking part in nine diferent themed sims.

So far I visited one: The Fantastical and magical sim. I really got amazed by the creativity and talent the builders have put in every single detail. I have no words to tell you how wonderful that sim is! I’m sure all the other sims have a wonderful look as well, I will surely visit them these days, but not sure if I’ll be able to take photos because of the high traffic I’m sure they will have.

I want to mention every builder that taked part of this project: Elicio Ember (Cerridwen’s Caldron), Mayah Parx (Epic Toy Factory), Alia Baroque (Fallen Gods), Piedras Chama & Nonna Hedges (Natural Fantasies), Numberofthebeast Angelus (Sculpting Notba), Marcus Inkpen & Sharni Azalee (The Looking Glass), Zander Greene & Lauren Thibaud (Thibaud Green Industries) and Sextan Shepherd (who will be bringing elements of his famous steampunk “Nemo submarine city” back just for the Fantasy Faire). You all made a wonderful work 🙂

Now, here some photos!







This is my little support to this cause, I hope you can make yours by donating or getting some goodies from the fair 🙂 I’ll be posting some designer’s items tomorrow.

They are also many Dj’s and entertainment events, check the list and schedule here.

You can also check the list of sims and creators at the official blog of the fair (I have it listed in my links) or you can just click here.

Tp to the Fantastical and magical Sim here.

Tp to the Fantasy fair central here.

See you there!

Love, Ari.


Fantasy Faire 2011! March 22, 2011

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From Saturday April 2nd to Sunday April 10th 2011, thousands of Second Life residents and creators are coming together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer.

Support the cause visiting these fantasy nine themed sims and buying great stuff from awesome designers froms sl!

I’m gonna be blogging the fantasy stuff soon.

Check out the list of sims and designers here.

See you there!

Love, Arielle.


With love from… December 11, 2010

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The year is ending, I hope all of you had finished the projects you had for this 2010, and if you didn’t you are just in time to do it! 😀

This season of the year is one of my favourites because they are tons of great stuff everywhere! not only freebies or hunts, but new creations and releases too.

Today I was decided to blog because of the fab With love Hunt, this hunt brings you amazing stuff from great creators for only 10l, its a way to show our appreciation to them, and of course we get a very much worthy item for that tiny ammount of money, so everybody wins! 😀 you really have to do this hunt!


Skin: Lara Hurley skins Gift for the With love hunt (10l)

Hair: Serena hair from Truth (not free)

Dress: Kunglers december group gift (50l to join)

Shoes: Allure socks from Maitreya (not free)

Bracelet: Isabela bracelet from 3636

Earrings: Camelia earrings from Donna Flora (part of a gift)

Tp to the starting point here.

Enjoy and have fun hunting!

Love, Ari.


Jackets! October 26, 2010

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Hello everyone 😀

Today I went shopping to The Dressing Room and the blue one, got awesome stuff and wanted to share them with you all.

The common for both dressing rooms was Jackets, of course they both have skins, but I just loved this pequeña chaqueta from LeeZu!, take a look!:

Look N. 1

Skin: Isolde from exodi at The Dressing Room (75l I think)

Hair: Crissy from Exile at The Dressing Room Blue (also 75l I think)

Jacket: La pequeña chaqueta from LeeZu! at TDR

Jeans: Skinny jeans from Maitreya

Sneakers: Sneaker boots bleached white from Duh!

Earrings: Mantra earrings from Shade Throne (Group gift. paid group)

Glasses: Catwalk glasses from Shade Throne


I always love Emery stuff, so I think one of the best news I got in all my sl was that they got a spot at the Dressing room blue. I loved it!

Look N. 2

Skin: Brooke from Dekade

Hair: Roxana from truth

Jacket: Sheena from Emery at TDR

Shirt: Gift tee from *COCO*  (group gift)

Jeans: Boyfriend jeans from Maitreya

Sneakers: Olivieri from INDI

Watch: Sinner watch from SS designs


I hope you liked it!

Take care and be good.

Love. Ari.



Ready to shop? September 9, 2010

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Hello there!

These days are so exciting for shoppers like me, actually also for broken shoppers which are more like me. lol

You can go to the Hair Fair, the Designers United, do the Think pink hunt, do the Omg thats adorable hunt, dressing room, dressing room blue… I think I could never end… you know right? 😀 Every week exciting events with exciting designers are not really helping to our shopping addiction, but anyways… I want to say thanks to all them for making awesome stuff!<3


Skin: Hounds of love from &bean

Hair: [!SyDS! Hair] Free at the Hair Fair

Nails: Metallic Bark brown nails from Purple Moon

Bodysuit: Plain Olivia in bronze from Pig. Omg, thats adorable item 99l

Tights and heels: Allure tights from Maitreya Gold

Bow: Happy finds, past group gift

Mirror w/poses: Vanity mirror from Magic Nook, Special item for the Designers united 4 event.


Skin: Hounds of love from &Bean

Hair: Camelia from Dernier cri, Free at the Hair Fair

Dress, bracelet, head piece and silky scarf: Narcissus Princess from Magic Nook Special item for the Designers United 4 event

Tp to Hair fair here (this is a link to the hairfair’s blog, here you can find every store with it’s slurl)

Tp to the Designers United 4 here

I hope you liked these looks, and also I hope you can go and have fun shopping at these places, sometimes lag doesn’t help, but there is where everyone of us can do something to change it, avoiding to wear scripts when going to a full place, trying to wear the most simple hairs, clothes and shoes, we all can stop having a bad time there.

Have fun and be good!

Love, Ari


The dresssing room ^^ July 23, 2010

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Hello all ^^

Just a quick post with this gorgeous dress from Aoharu avaiable at TDR.

Skin: Gina from Tuli (TDR)

Shoes: From Kalnins

Earrings: From Magic Nook (NEW!)

Oh and also check this group gift from Amacci hair:

It was sent to the SOM group.

Also wearing skin Julie from Laq and earrings from Magic Nook.

See ya soon!

Love, Ari.