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Review and display your fashion here. June 6, 2010

Thanks for being interested in having your stuff  reviewed by us!

If you want to get your stuff posted and reviewed by me in the Style builder blog, please pay attention to these little tips:

♥ I will try to display your items as soon as I can, but please note that this blog is over all, a fashion and style one.  So, I do my posts based on my own fashion style, and I like to select the items I’m gonna use for every post.

♥ Please send me the items you want to display, in a folder with your store landmark and a notecard with the contact info. Also please send a IM to let me know about the item you are dropping on me.

♥ If you want to promote some freebie, group gift or a cheapie, please add in the folder a notecard with the item info as well. (As the price, until when is the promotion, if the group for the gift has a enrollment fee, etc.)

♥ Once I have done the post, I’m gonna IM you to share the link!

Love, Arielle Boccaccio.


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