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Happy rezzday Lano Ling! June 3, 2010

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Hi hi again, today is holiday here, so I can’t stop posting 😛

Today, Lano Ling is celebrating his 3rd year here in sl. He is the designer/owner of one of the most popular eyes stores: Poetic colors.

The eyes have always an important meaning in any culture, because they show off a part of our soul. Here in sl, I wanna say thanks to Lano Ling because he helps us to have an expressive and full of life look. Just like poetry.

The first time I  got a pair of eyes there, I didn’t change my eyes for weeks! and trust me, that’s something weird on me. Now I change my eyes very often, but almost always to other pair made by him 🙂

To celebrate his rezzday and party with us, he is having a great 50% sale at the store, and for his new release he also has a freebie there! You can’t miss it. Tp here to Poetic Colors and wish him a Happy Rezzday!! Gift picture:

And now, take a look of some of the cute eyes you can find in there for only 100l per color.

I freaking love them!

Happy Rezzday Mr Lano Ling and thanks for sharing your poetic colors with us!!!

K, now I’m off. Take care!

Love, Arielle