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Nova, new at Lionskins! June 16, 2010

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Nova skin in dark -08 glossy lips.

Meet the beautiful Nova, which is the newest face avaiable at Lionskins.

Nova comes in four skin tones: Fair, pale, sun and dark. It has a great defined body, firm and well worked muscular structure. I like so much the part just above the breasts. And to call more attention to the strong stomach, Nova has got a piercing!

I loved the sweet look it has, so pretty and delicate face. What I like most of it are definitely the lips, especially the mate ones, they are very real and natural. Each makeup comes with two options for the lips: matte and glossy, so there for everyone.

Here is a look of all the skin tones in the group gift makeup:

Nova in the group gift makeup.

Lionskins has always been known by their innovative and diverse makeup, there are fifteen options makeup for every skin tone! Every makeup comes in 2 options for the lips and other 2 options for the head: with a great base (to use with Vanity hairs!) and without.

Here is a little sample of them:

Nova in pale-06, Nova in sun-13 and Nova in fair-10.

Notice that I never edit the pics when doing a review, (only the borders of course) so the skins are right as you see them. In most of the pictures I don’t use eyelashes to let you appreciate the makeup as it is.

Tp to Lionskins here, and don’t forget to join the group, it’s 250l to join but you get a sweet pink makeup (shown on the second and third pictures) in all the tones.

Items displayed:

Pic 1: Hair from lamb, eyelashes from Redgrave and jewelry from Muse

Pics 2 and 3: Lingerie from 5th&Oxford, hair from W&Y, jewelry from Zaara and shoes from Maitreya (with no eyelashes)

Pic 4 (from left to right): Hair from 69, jewelry from Muse, lashes from Redgrave. ♥ Hair from booN, earrings from Glow. ♥ Hair from Kookie, earrings from temptation (no eyelashes).

I hope you liked Nova! get a tp to the store and have fun trying some demos on 🙂

Love, Ari.